Event 9/11, 2011
An event to remember the destruction of the twin towers for 10 years. Artists showed their ideas on the theme “Freedom”. I made the décor for a dance group. See: or for interviews with artists.

T.V. Drenthe, 'Culture program Bartissimo', 08 september 2009

B.J. Kerkhof award 2009
"...It was the combination of technique, composition and atmosphere that made the jury decide to award Udo Braehler the B.J.Kerkhof price 2009"

Oscar Schrover, author and curator. Text in essay Innerlijke spiegels (Inner Mirrors), 2008
"Braehler's paintings are carefully choreographed, beautifully swept onto canvas with raw ripping strokes, splatters and quivering lines….."

Expert's report Koos de Wilt, art historian
"Brähler's art evokes post-modernist associations with American neo-expressionists such as David Salle and Julian Schnabel. This can be..."

Expert's report Hans Janszen, Creative Director
"Freedom for Braehler the artist includes the ability to move beyond the bounderies of technology and materials. He uses anything..."

Poem of Nathalie B. concerning art of Udo Braehler