Kunstliefde exhibition from 25th October 2014 to 23rd November 2014
Central to this exhibition is the interaction between the mind's eye and the eye looking directly at the world. This means attention has been given to works in which images from the external reality connect to images from the inner reality of the artist. The works, then, originate from two visual worlds: the shots of the outside world, made through the eyes of the artist, and the 'prints' from the artist's inner image database. Criteria for the selection of the exhibited works were the presence of literal and complex visual layers, in dialogue with one another.

This exhibition came about on the initiative of Udo Braehler, who has been the chairman of Kunstliefde's commission for artistic policy for many years.

The participating artists are:
G-Brecht, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Herko van Eerden, Maarn, the Netherlands
Mehraneh Atashi, Iran
Minnie Weisz, London, UK
Robert Suermondt, Brussels, Belgium
Shigeo Arikawa, Japan
Udo Braehler, Utrecht, the Netherlands

The exhibition was opened by Nathalie Braehler, president Cultural Oil BV. She showed how the exhibited works can be transformed into new images through interaction. This way, surprising, new Double Images were created.

Kunstliefde, Nobelstraat 12A, 3512 EN Utrecht, (0031)(0)30 2314218,,

Open atelierdagen
Op zondag 1 en zondag 8 juni 2014 zijn van 13.00 - 18.00 uur alle ateliers van professionele kunstenaars in Utrecht open. Zo ook de Vlampijpateliers. Uiteraard is iedereen welkom.